What we Do

Digital & Database Marketing
Analytics, Optimization, and Management

Our AI, Machine Learning, and Data Mining Techniques Help You…

Acquire New Customers

Targeting models on new customer acquisition campaigns will bring in more customers.

Make New Customers Profitable

LTV models will identify which new customers will have a high likelihood of being profitable.

Retain Your Profitable Customers

Retention and churn models help identify customers with a high likelihood of leaving.

Win-Back Lost Customers

Cras at Win-back models are great for targeting former customers and increasing the likelihood of their return.

Increase Sales Leads

Targeting and website optimization techniques are pivotal in increasing quality traffic and leads.

Increase Conversions

Higher quality web traffic leads leads to higher quality leads which leads to higher quality and more frequent conversions.

... And So Much More

We use a mixture of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Mining to Perform:

  • Customer Segmentation; Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Targeting Optimization; Cross-Sell/Up-sell Modeling
  • Attrition/Churn Modeling; Direct Mail List Optimization
  • Customer Win-back Modeling; Customer Acquisition Modeling
  • Market Basket Analysis; Website & Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Lead Generation Optimization; SEM Campaign Management
  • Python; R
  • MySQL; SQL Server
  • Qlik; Tableau; Google Data Studio
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising
  • RapidMiner

We become one with your business through immersion!

We immerse ourselves in your business to fully understand your business problems and opportunities.

We immerse ourselves in your company’s internal data as well as external data sources where necessary to fully understand the data that will be involved in to help solve your business problems

We prepare your data for analysis.

We implement:

  • Analytics via Dashboarding
  • Advanced Analytics via Machine Learning / AI

We deliver results and recommendations.

We deploy models and dashboards for ongoing optimization.

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