Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing with Google AdWords and Bing Ads?

♠  You can attract more customers.

♠  You can advertise locally or globally.

♠  You can reach the right people at the right time.

♠  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  You don’t pay when someone just views your ad.

♠  Your ads can be up and running today if that’s what you want.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)

You can have your ads show when potential customers are searching Google or Bing for what you offer.  We offer search engine marketing services using the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platform.  We have experience running hundreds of AdWords and Bing campaigns.  If you want to get your ad in front of the right audience at the right time, let us manage your online advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising

With Display advertising, you can have more than just text ads.  You can have image and video ads, in addition to text ads.  When your potential customers are visiting their favorite websites online, your ads can be shown to them.  If they are interested in what you offer by clicking on your ad, they will land on your website at the location you want them to land.  Once they get to your website, they can take the actions that you want them to take, such as register for your newsletter, call for an appointment, purchase a product, etc.

YouTube Video Marketing

Capture the attention of potential customers with YouTube advertising.  Although we do not produce videos, if you have a video that you would like promoted to YouTube viewers, we can manage the advertising and analytics on your behalf.  You can have commercial quality videos, or you can have a video made with your smartphone.  If it will grab the attention of your soon-to-be customers, it can be advertised on YouTube.


Product Shopping Campaigns

Do you have an eCommerce site or a physical store with products for sale?  If you answered yes, then Product Shopping ads are for you.  With Google Shopping Campaigns, you can drive more foot traffic to your physical store or online store.  Give us a call to get more details on Product Shopping Campaigns.